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What are the standards for the use of food additives?


Standards for the use of food additives:

1. The food additives used should not cause any health hazards to the human body.

2. Food additives should not be used to cover up quality defects in the food itself or in the process of processing or for the purpose of adulteration, adulteration or counterfeiting.

3. The food additives used should not reduce the nutritional value of the food itself.

4. On the premise of achieving the expected effect, reduce the amount used in food as much as possible.

5. The dosage of this additive in food ingredients should not exceed the maximum allowable dosage.

6. The content of the additive brought into the food by the ingredients should be significantly lower than the level usually required when it is directly added to the food.

7. These ingredients should be used under normal production process conditions, and the content of this additive in the food should not exceed the level brought by the ingredients.


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